Lipo Laser


What is it? 

Lipolaser is one of the newest methods to help reduce body fat. Laser treatment is much less risky that a traditional liposuction and there is no revocery time! 
It allows to model your silhouette and lose unecessary centimeters, even from very difficult areas. The effectiveness of lipolaser has been confirmed by many medical studies.


How does it work? 

The device emits radiation, which penetrates deeply into the subcutaneous tissue and affects only the fat cells. A naturally occurring chemical reaction causes a breakdown of triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, which is transferred to the lymphatic system and then metabolized. This means that they are from the body's natural pathway and converted into energy. Lipolaser only affects the fat cells, without damaging any adjacent tissues and blood vessels. It does not damage the membranes of fat cells, it only significantly reduces their content and volume! 


How many sessions are required?

It is recommended to have at least 8 sessions, two times a week or every second day. 


       Does it hurt?

       No, the treatment is painless. 



      This treatment has no down-time which means you can return to your normal activities immediately.



- Pregnancy and lactation
- Cancer 
- Epilepsy 
- Herbs and light sensitive medicines 
- Metal and silicone implants around the treated area
- Pacemaker 
- Skin dermatoses 
- Broken/cut skin
- Heat sensation disorder 
- Diabetes
- Hypertension
- Thyroid disease 
- Autoimmune diseases 
- Glaucoma



One session £40,00 

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