Warm body wrap

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What is it? 

This is an effective treatment for the elimination of cellulite. The patented seaweed mud wrap formula will stimulate, firm and tone the skin, giving it incomparably long lasting softness and elasticity. This intense cellulite treatment begins with specific massage techniques to stimulate the circulation, aid the breakdown of toxins and to remove dead, dry skin. The leg and thigh areas are polished using Guam. Seaweed scrub to boost the circulation and encourage the detoxification process. Using cold exfoliating mitts followed by warmed mitts, the scrub is brushed away using fine pressure point strokes to help break down toxins.


- Cellulite reduction, stretching stretch marks
- Reduction of body fat,
- Firming and shaping the figure, better appearance and condition of the skin
- Allergy to any of the ingredients



- Reduction of cellulite 
- Increased firmness of the skin 



- Bleeding disorders such as hemophilia
- People who are being treated with anticoagulants 
- Skin sites with active inflammation, burns, infection or open wounds



One session: £40,00 


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