Guam Cooling Body Wrap

Guam koncentrat błotny krok 2


What is it? 

GUAM contains plant extract and 100% natural marine components (algae, clay, mineral salts) reminiscent of mud texture.
GUAM is one of the most effective anti-cellulite products, so body wrapping with guam is considered as a wrap which aids slimming. 

How does it work?  

The GUAM cover is done on selected parts of the body, for example stomach, thights or bum. A therapist will perform a peeling and then
apply a body concentrate that contains plant extracts and ingredients of marine orgin (algae, clay and mineral salts). To strenghten the 
penetration to the skin, the body is wrapped in a special foil. GUAM helps to cleanse the body of toxins, soothes skin irritation and relaxes all muscles. 
During this treatment the heat penetrates very deeply and therefore it is perfect for those who hold a lot of water. 


- It is slimming and shapes the body 
- Reduces stretch marks and cellulite while preventing further accumulation of fat 
- Detoxifies the body from harmful toxins

- It smoothes, moisturises and tones the skin 
- Regularly performed treatments purify the body from harmful toxis and improve the functioning of the body 
- It accelerates metabolic processes 
- It soothes irritations, eliminates swelling and ''heavy legs'' 


- Allergy to any of the ingredients 
- Irritated and damaged skin 
- Sensitive skin 
- Pregnancy 
- Varicose veins 
- Vascular thrombosis 
- Recent surgery 



One session; £40,00


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