What is it? 

Aromatherapy massage is a well known complementary therapy where essentials oils from plants and flowers are used to bring about a feeling of wellbeing helping to reduce stress and aches and pains. Essential oils contain different properties which have different effects on the body and work through skin absorption and also through the sense of smell.Aromatherapy Massage is the most relaxing way to use essential oils. They are added to a carrier oil in a unique blend to suit the client after an initial consultation has taken place.

What results can you expect? 

Since aromatherapy massage is a bit like Swedish massage but with scent added, people often get it for muscle- and joint-related conditions or for physical or mental stress.Treatments ease tired, aching muscles, promote relaxation and helps to lift the mood by releasing endorphins. 

Other conditions include:
- Headache
- Insomnia
- Digestive disorders
- Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
- Back pain

How often should I have it? 

It is not recommended to have a full body massage more than once a week, but a weekly massage is an excellent way to keep the body relaxed and free of toxins.


No recovery time is required. The effects of an aromatherapy massage can last up to 48 hours, depending on the oils used. The skin may feel slightly greasy, but the overall effect is one of deep calm and relaxation. 

 aromatherapy lg


- Pregnancy 
- Bruises
- Skin rashes
- Inflamed or weak skin
- Unhealed wounds
- Tumors
- Abdominal hernia
- Fractures
- Sensitivity to scents 



30mins £25,00
60mins £45,00



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