Warm Honey Massage

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What is it?

Warm honey massage is a fantastic detox treatment. Honey is full of vitamins and minerals and is especially good for the skin. It is also a good natural alternative for healing cuts, scratches and scrapes on the skin. While good at healing damaged skin, honey also has benefits when used as an alternative to oil in a massage setting.


What results can you expect?
The effects of honey massage can be felt straight after the first treatment. It helps to remove toxins, relax the entire nervous system, improve blood circulation and metabolism. Furthermore, it cleanses, moisturises, nourishes the skin and increases its elasticity.


Does it hurt?

The treatment is not painful.




There is no recovery needed.



- Acute inflammations
- V
aricose veins
- Serious heart diseases
- Tumour
- Allergies to bee wax products 



30min £25,00 
60min £50,00



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