Reti Fusion Peel

reti fusion peel set  

What is it?

Reti Fusion Peel is a treatment which improves the condition of the skin, reduces the redness of the skin and acne. The blend of high contractions of active ingredients guarantees a comprehensive action correcting imperfections.


What results can you expect?

You can see results after the first treatment. The results that you can expect to see are younger looking skin, reduced redness and reduced acne.


How many sessions are required?

It is recommended to have between 2-5 sessions, 1 per month.


      How does it work?
It increases the production of collagen and hialuric acids, which are very important and play a big part in keeping the skin elastic.


      Does it hurt?

      No, the peel is totally painless.



      About 3 days after the treatment, the skin may start peeling and become slightly red and sensitive. Lotions can be applied to help speed up the process.



       - Pregnancy
- Viral, allergic, fungal or cancerous skin diseases
Recently done treatment in the treatment area
Active herpes
Reduced immunity  




One session £55,00




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