AzAc Chemical Peel

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 What is it?

is a two-step facial peeling with 16% azelaic acid, 10% mandelic acid and 2% salicylic acid. Azealic acid is an all year acid. It is highly recommended for people with skin prone to acne and enlarged glands.


What results can you expect?

This facial peel is expected to even the skin tone, making it brighter. It also works anti inflammatory and antioxidant.


How many sessions are required?

It is recommended to have about 4-6 treatments, once a month.

       How does it work?

       Skin is degreased with a special lotion. AzAc Peel is then applied to the skin with a gauze. Peeling then dries on the skin, causing a gentle matte surface.


       Does it hurt?

       It is painless. Your skin may feel slightly itchy and look a little red for an hour after the treatment.



       2-3 days after the treatment it is possible to have small pustules that will subside automatically, but it is a normal cleansing effect after a facial peel.

       A couple of days after, skin can also feel dry and start peeling, but this depends on an individual's personal reaction to the facial peel.


- Pregnancy and breastfeeding
- Skin inflammation
- Bacterial, viral, allergic, fungal, cancerous skin diseases
- A fresh surgical procedure in the surgical area
- Active herpes
- Reduced Immunity
- Allergy to peeling ingredients



One session £45,00

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