No needle mesotherapy

What is it?

No-needle mesotherapy is an option for any age and can be done at any time of the day and in all seasons. This

procedure is specifically good for those who seek to improve their skin appearance, elasticity, softness and tone

without feeling the discomfort of the needle.


What results can you expect?

No needle mesotherapy will stimulate the function of fibroblasts which will improve your skin tone and reduce

wrinkles. It will also improve your cell nourishment and detoxification by

stimulating microcirculation. By exerting an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action it will give you more

youthful and healthy skin but also an anti-aging effect. All the nutrients and vitamins plump and firm the skin

promoting new cell growth and is an effective cellulite treatment.


How many sessions are required?

Clients may see results after a minimum of 2 treatment sessions per week over a 4 week period. Annual treatment sessions are usually necessary to maintain

results. Clients should have realistic expectations and be prepared to make lifestyle changes to best maintain results.


How does it work?

A topical solution of active ingredients is applied to the target area. Penetration of these tiny “medicinal bullets” are

are encouraged directly into the middle layer of skin with the use of Electroportation and Electro-osmosis. This

high frequency technique ‘penetrates’ the skin at the exact depth that is needed for optimum results. Depending on

the specifically-tailored concoction, mesotherapy helps fight free radicals, encourages cellular activity, circulation,

lymphatic drainage, fat cell disbursement, collagen and elastin production. Vitamin C / Hyaluronic acid is usually

added to the mix to improve overall skin tone and quality.


Does it hurt?

No needle mesotherapy is the pain-free, needle-free alternative to traditional mesotherapy and provides safe and

effective non-invasive trans-dermal delivery of therapeutic solutions.



No recovery time is required and you can return to work or normal activities immediately after a treatment.



- Pregnancy and lactation

- Bacterial, viral or fungal infection

- Rosacea or active acne

- Extremely sensitive skin or sunburn

- Eczema or Dermatitis

- Cuts and abrasions, recent scar tissue

- Received Botox with 72 hours

- Diabetes

- Skin disease and disorders

- Severe Psoriasis

- During Radio or Chemotherapy

- Alcohol or coffee before the treatment

- Products allergy

- Presence of metallic bodies in tissue

- Heart disorders

- High/low blood pressure

- Allergies




One session £40,00 



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